In a cozy location off the fast lanes of Dubai – a melting pot of cultures in the Middle East – TROUVAILLE is a hidden gem: abundant in sophistication, a welcoming charm, innovative spirit and a wealth of influence from around the world.
Inspired by two exquisite and favored cuisines, the menu intertwines classic, gourmet and comforting French and Lebanese dishes with an unparalleled infusion of creativity and imagination that bring the art of dining to life.


Gourmet food at an affordable price point, The concept of Trouvaille was brought to life drawing the core of its inspiration from the French Revolution when the abolition of the guild system and the downfall of the monarchy left celebrated chefs on the streets. This monumental moment in history lead to the introduction of Bouillon restaurants, which offered the ‘ordinary’ man access to gourmet cooking matched with opulent interiors at an affordable price point. 

“A feast for the belly and the eyes.”

Combining warm hospitality with elegant interiors, hearty dishes and the bustling sounds of Paris, every visit to TROUVAILLE is a journey for the senses. It is a hub for coffee enthusiasts, and epicureans alike.

A lucky find so good, you won’t want to keep it to yourself – TROUVAILLE is the place to gather with friends, family and colleagues. 

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