the best éclair in Dubai

the best éclair in Dubai

Looking for the best éclair in Dubai?

On the face of things, an éclair seems like a pretty simple sweet treat: pastry dough filled with cream and chocolate icing drizzled on top. But if that’s what you think an éclair is, then perhaps that’s why finding a decent one is so hard. The good news is that Trouvaille is known for making the best éclair in Dubai – so you’re guaranteed perfect ones every time!

The French are known for being passionate about food, and not honouring the traditions and methodology that comes with classic French cuisine is one of the biggest insults one can give. At Trouvaille, we take the heritage of French cuisine very seriously…If you’re a passionate foodie and have a sweet spot for patisserie then here is where you’ll find the best éclair in Dubai.

What makes Trouvaille’s éclairs so delectable?

An éclair is a long French choux pastry, filled with pastry cream (or custard/ crème Anglais) and dipped in chocolate ganache. The word itself means lightning in French. Some think that the name came about due to the lightning speed at which éclair get eaten…Whereas others say that it’s a reference to the gleam of light that bounces of the shiny fondant icing when it’s been made correctly.

the best éclair in Dubai

At Trouville, we’re passionate about fusion and bringing cultures together through food. Our approach to this iconic French pastry (which can be eaten for breakfast or dessert!) is the perfect example of that. Here, you can enjoy both the classic varieties as well as exciting new flavour combinations such as baklawa-pistachio, pecan-vanilla, and znood al sit. Our modern fusion twist has added to a resurgence of popularity and further explains why we have the best éclair in Dubai.

the best éclair in Dubai

What does it take to make the best éclair in dubai?

You can spot a perfectly made éclair from a mile away if you know what to look for:

  • A rich, brown colour: This shows that the éclair was perfectly baked and has the soft shell that gives the textural contrast that any good éclair needs. Avoid pale, light brown éclairs at all costs
  • Puffy shaped: An improperly made éclair will be flat instead of puffy…Which means that they can’t be filled and won’t look nearly as impressive
  • Served the same day they’re made: When éclairs get old, the moisture from the filling seeps into the shell and the éclair loses the textural contrast between the crispy shell and velvety filling
  • Cracked: If the éclair has large cracks in it, give it a skip. Large cracks make the glazing and filling impossible and the éclair won’t hold its shape
  • Sloppy: You need to be able to see clear divisions between the glaze, pastry, and filling

the best éclair in Dubai

best éclair in Dubai

Come pay us a visit at Trouville best lebanese restauarant and see for yourself that we’re perfectly justified in saying that we have the best éclair in Dubai. Not only do we tick all the boxes of what a classically made éclair should be, but we also added new boxes that have raised the bar on what an éclair can be!


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