the best croissant in Dubai

best croissant in Dubai

Top tips to finding the best croissant in Dubai

The best croissant in Dubai is puffy, buttery, flakey, and melts in your mouth. This combination of textures and flavours is a result of the ‘feuilleté’ technique which is essential to croissant making. The dough needs to be made a day in advance and gets folded over and over again to create buttery layers that trap air between them when baked. It’s an intricate process that takes time and dedication – and Trouvaille knows this well…Which is why we’re known for making the best croissant in Dubai!

Fun facts about croissant that every foodie should know

Did you know that the origins of the complexly humble croissant aren’t French? This iconic symbol of French culture came from the Kipfel or Kipferl – a popular Austrian breakfast pastry shaped like a crescent moon. And it’s from this shape of a crescent, or croissant in French, where the name came from. So as a fusion restaurant, it seems fitting that Trouvaille would make the best croissant in Dubai because embracing edible delights from different cultures – and making it our own – is what we do best!

best croissant in Dubai

best croissant in Dubai

Indeed, the more you look into the history of this glorious goodie that we all take for granted, the more interesting we realise the croissant is!

  • Because the best croissants are made with a lot of butter, eggs, and sugar it was considered a luxury product that only royalty could afford
  • The croissant only became an official French national product in 1920
  • In France, the croissant is a Viennoiserie (meaning, things of Vienna) and not a patisserie (pastry)
  • There are local, and regional croissant competitions held annually all over France where judges decide who’s croissants are the best of the best
  • French people don’t eat croissants every day. Like pancakes, they’re more of an occasional breakfast item enjoyed best in the morning
  • Croissant made with margarine and not butter have a more crescent shape

best croissant in Dubai

Trouvaille’s Croissant Fusion Revolution

As we’ve said before, fusion cuisine is what we do best! And while there are certainly some classics that are best left exactly as they were created, the croissant has already had such a varied history, so we felt free to add our twist.

Knowing when to and how to add our special twist to dishes that are already well known and loved, is what we do best! Here at Trouville, we offer you the best of worlds and that’s what makes us the best croissant in Dubai. Pop in and enjoy a classic croissant, or satiate your curiosity and try one of our signature twists….Labneh with zaatar croissant anyone?

best croissant in Dubai

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