Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

lebanese restaurant in dubai

Don’t Miss Out On The Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

Lebanon has long been accepted as a culinary crossroad between the east and west. As such, the cuisine is a representation and unique expression of its diverse history. This is one of the reasons why Trouvaille has been rated as the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai. Where else can you find a spot where both the menu and décor seamlessly intertwine French dishes and infuse them with creativity and imagination?

lebanese restaurant in dubai

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

Indeed, we take pride in ‘bringing the art of dining to life’ and are equally passionate about doing so at an affordable price point. We love the opulent interiors and gourmet cuisine that the French bring to the table. But at the same time, our sensibilities are rooted in Lebanese traditions. One of which is the inclusiveness of extended family culture that compels us to make strangers feel at home. So if you’re looking for the best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai that offers a high-end culinary experience at an easily affordable price, then you’ve come to the right place. 

lebanese restaurant in dubai

Food that brings families together

On the face of things, a restaurant that blends Lebanese and French influences might sound odd. But in reality, it makes perfect sense. Lebanese society is very similar to the cultures of Southern Europe. ” Linked ideologically and culturally to Europe through France, Lebanon’s uniquely diverse religious composition creates a rare environment that is at once Arab and European” ( wiki/Lebanese_society )

This spirit of expansive inclusiveness is reflected in the décor. As soon as you step through Trouvaille’s doors, you’ll note that our opulent yet simple décor was designed in such a way as to enable tables sizes to increase. Perfect for big groups, networking events, and family get-togethers! The best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai for people to come together and feed their belly and soul! 

lebanese restaurant in dubai

Innovative culinary experiences are what we do best

We love surprising our guests – and ourselves! – with culinary treats to delight all of the senses. Our food looks great, smells fantastic, sizzles on the plate, and tastes incredible. As many Lebanese dishes are eaten by hand, you’ll also be able to order tasty dishes such as kibbeh ( burghul stuffed meatballs served with pomegranate yoghurt dipping sauce).

lebanese restaurant in dubai

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Dubai has always been a melting pot of civilizations; Lebanese cuisine bears many similarities to the cuisines of other Middle Eastern nations. There are numerous Lebanese restaurants in the UAE, so finding one to eat at is simple. Though, if you would like to experience best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai, your destination is definitely Trouvaille!
Trouvaille is undoubtedly the number one best Lebanese restaurant in Dubai! Why? Because of the sophistication, the welcoming charm, the innovative spirit and the finest quality of Lebanese ingredients!

What to expect on the menu of the best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai?

Dubai is one of the few places in the world where inhabitants and visitors are more likely to eat cuisines other than their own – whether Emirati or Middle Eastern in general. We can eat meals from Italy and India, as well as Mexico and Lebanon, thanks to our multi-cultural facet.

For those not sure of what to expect from the menu at a Lebanese restaurant in UAE, here’s a quick guide to the best Lebanese food you could find at Trouvaille.

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

The most popular is Baba Ganoush, which is a dip that is similar to Hummus but prepared with eggplant instead of chickpeas. Shish Taouk is a type of chicken kebab that is distinctive to Lebanese cuisine because of the seasonings used. Manakeesh is a type of Lebanese pizza that is often prepared with cracked wheat paste, meat, and vegetable toppings.

Falafel is a dish made of deep-fried ground chickpeas that is typically served in pita bread. Shawarma is usually meat slowly cooked on a vertical rotating rotisserie then scraped off and served on pita bread.
Baklava is a Lebanese dessert that was formerly thought to be Greek.
At Trouvaille, you will find this food and many others. It is best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai with excellence! All the typical Lebanese food is made with the Lebanese passion, love and dedication!

Why is Trouvaille the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai?
Every visit to Trouvaille is a sensory adventure, combining warm hospitality with exquisite surroundings, savory cuisine, and the bustling sounds of Lebanon.
If you would like to invite or to meet with friends, family, and coworkers at theBest Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai, this lucky find is the best choice for you! Everything is made with excellence; you won’t want to keep it to yourself! It is “A feast for the belly and the eyes.”!

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Don’t miss out on such a pleasant experience at the Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai!

Best Lebanese Restaurant in Dubai

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