The Best French Restaurant In Dubai For Dessert

The Best French Restaurant In Dubai

With the current shift towards well-being and holistic health taking centre stage, desserts have sadly ended up on the chopping block. Dietary and nutritional requirements that motivate people to go for meals that are free from sugar, dairy, and gluten sadly leave no room for dessert. That said, balance is the key to a healthy life and at trouvaille, we’ve managed to get that balance right. We love good food and rich flavours. But we also love to balance that with quality ingredients and perfect portion sizes. Getting this balance right has led us to become the best French restaurant in Dubai for desserts…Keep reading and we’ll tell you why.

Best French Restaurant In Dubai

Do everything in moderation & leave room for dessert

The reason why we love sweet foods so much is because our bodies are programmed to love sugar. It’s a question of survival because it’s an energy source that’s easy for our bodies to use. However, when we start to see sugar as a temptation or a ‘guilty pleasure’ then we will simply crave them even more, give in more easily, and go on a sugar-binge. But finding a good balance (e.g. no sweets at home but dessert when you go out for a meal) is the ideal way to avoid feeling like you’re being too restricted.

The best French restaurant in Dubai

Decadent desserts and sweet treats can be part of a healthy lifelong eating pattern. But only when eaten in moderation. That means in small amounts, only once or twice a week. Top tips and useful skills required for moderation include:

  • Distinguishing hunger from stress, tiredness, and procrastination. These three mental states tend to encourage us to over-compensate by eating sweet and/or unhealthy meals
  • Pausing 10 minutes before having a snack 
  • Eating balanced meals
  • Playing the 50/50 game (balancing foods high in carbohydrates with foods that are low in carbohydrates)


French Restaurants Where You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It

Humility aside, one of the things that make Trouville the best french restaurant in Dubai for desserts is that you’re able to have it all: Yes, our desserts such as the Mille Feuille with vanilla and caramel as well as the chocolate surprise are just about as decadent as it can get. However, we’re not encouraging you to eat it every day. This is simply the ideal go-to for every once in a while when you deserve a treat and.

best French restaurant in Dubai

Trouvaille the best French restaurant in Dubai

Better still, our menu is full of super-healthy entrées and main dishes ( scrumptious salads and grilled fish dishes). This means that you can end off your meal on a high note that’s as decadent as you like – with the full understanding that moderation is both the key and spice of life!

Best French Restaurant In Dubai

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