best desserts in Dubai

How to find the best desserts in Dubai?

Well, that depends entirely on what you’re looking for, and what ‘the best’ means for you? The best value for money? The best flavour combinations? A comprehensive selection? Or a dessert menu that offers something different to what you’re used to seeing everywhere else? Trouvaille is the answer to all these questions – and more – which is probably what makes us a top choice for the best desserts in Dubai.

Where else would you see a menu with a classic French dessert like crème brûlée, but also find Middle Eastern delights like saffron-flavored éclairs, or a lemon yuzu tart? The best desserts in Dubai don’t get much better than this, and at Trouvaille, you’ll feel spoiled for choice. Your biggest problem will probably be which one you’ll choose…Which is great news for us because it means you’ll keep coming back until you’ve tried them all!

Why is France so famous for desserts?

From meringues and mousses to pastries and gateaux, and all delights brûlée, the French know how to make every sweet-toothed dream come true! Did you know, that the word ‘dessert’ is derived from the French word ‘desservir’ which means ‘to clear the table’? What started as a customary routine of serving fruits and cheese after a meal has turned into a full-blown art form that the French have perfected.

best desserts in Dubai

best desserts in Dubai

Typical French desserts usually consist of a combination of custard, cream, and fruits. Examples include crème brûlée, choux pastry (used for éclairs), mousse, mille-feuilles, tartes….Take a look at our dessert menu and you’ll see that we’ve featured most of them on our menu – another reason why we’ve got the best desserts in Dubai!

best desserts in Dubai

What do Lebanese bring to the dessert table?

‘Lebanese’ often isn’t the first choice that springs to mind as easily as French when it comes to dessert. But it’s often said that once you try Lebanese sweets, you’ll never go back! A big part of traditional Lebanese food involves a wide variety of delicious and decadent treats that tantalize the tastebuds in a way that no other flavour can. Take Baklava, for example: Who doesn’t love the sound of multiple layers of super thin pastry, filled with nuts and drizzled in a uniquely spiced honey syrup?

Put the two flavour profiles of Lebanon and France together, and you’ve got the recipe for the best desserts in Dubai. But who needs the recipe when you can simply pop into Trouvaille and place your order?

best desserts in Dubai

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